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Showtime Ent is expanding by the day & we are looking for new members to join our team!

You will be joining not only a promotional team but a family where we all help each other and share resources. Picture it as something similar to a Fraternity/Sorority but co-ed. We are aware that many have jobs and daily responsibilities so we are not demanding much but we do expect for everyone to do their share of work to help us grow. Additionally, joining the team comes with various perks that are described below.

So if you
Like to Dance & Party
Enjoy having a drink with friends
Like to meet new people
Know alot of people
Want to get paid to party

You should seriously consider joining Showtime Ent!!
We'll give you all the tools you need to be successful and to expand your reach.

Members must do the following:
1. Create a Promotional Name to promote under (This should be something catchy and easy to remember)
2. Post all events chosen on their social networking pages such as instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin along with any other sites they feel will attract new guests.
3. Will be assigned at least 1 party a week to show support
5. Carry yourself and dress professionally at all times

As a Member you will receive the following benefits:
1. Lots of opportunities to meet new people
2. Expand your network as all members share any resources they may have available
3. Opportunity to Travel with us to various exotic destinations
4. Attend all our weekly nightclub events for free with a guest.
5. Opportunities to drink for free when we can extend that courtesy.
6. We will provide opportunities for members to work to make extra cash.
7. Anytime a member books any type of event/function they will earn from it

This business is all about meeting new people and socializing. The more people you bring out the more money you make. It is a very simple philosophy but not the easiest task to accomplish. With that said we are not expecting anything more than your hard work and dedication. However, if you do manage to bring people there are numerous opportunities to make money with us

Weekly Events
You will get paid for every person that shows up to your party  that you invited along with earning a commission on any bottles that they purchase.
Ticket Events
For every ticket you sell you will earn a commission. The commission varies depending on the event.
For every Hotel, Air or Party Package you sell you earn a commission.
For every person you bring into the company you earn a commission of what they bring.

So if you feel you are an outgoing, social person that knows a lot of people and wants to break into the nightclub promotion scene we would like to hear from you.

Simply Call/Text 646-739-8219, AIM: Showtimeentny or fill out the form below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.


"Can I Be a Part-Time Nightclub Promoter?"

* YES! The best part of nightclub promoting is that there are no set hours. You pick when you want to work. Most promoters work nights and weekends only. So you can still have a day job, and just throw parties on the side. Even attending the club is at your descretion.

"I'm in College. Can I Still Do This?"

YES! Promoting in college is a great way to earn some fantastic part-time income. Everyone in college wants to party, so it's a great place to make a lot of money.

"Do I Need to spend alot of Money?"

NO! There is no risk involved to you. You get paid depending on how many people you bring in. How much you make is up to you but you never have to pay for anything.

"Do I Need to to go out to be a prmoter?"

NO! There many promoters do not actively party alot while still making great money promoting parties. With all the tools out there Phone, Social Media, Email, etc your attendence at a party is totaly up to you. You work when you want to work and party when you want to party.

"How does payment work?"

Promoters start on a commision based salary. Meaning what you make is based on the amount of people that you can bring to the parties you promote.